1:2:1 Coaching


An impactful 1 hour session designed to address self-esteem, social confidence and / or personal power issues.


These are designed to be impactful 1:1 sessions that will teach you: (a) how to REALLY understand and utilise your strengths and capabilities and (b) how to clarify the life direction you want to take. They commonly follow on from clients who have had an astrological consultation with me (although they don’t have to).

A common theme in both Coaching and therapy is that the client is experiencing unhappiness or dissatisfaction because of some mental block which is holding them back from moving forward and having the experiences they most want. In Coaching the client will be a bit further along the path of contentedness and recovery, but they will still be acutely aware of those limiting beliefs. I draw on my therapeutic background (as well as astrological insights) to help address the client’s inner limitations and really unlock their own potential.

I am not keen on locking people into long term commitments so these sessions are designed to be Pay As You Go.  One session alone can turn a key inside your mind and unlock the solution to the problem. But the average number of sessions required to embed deep change is usually 5 to 10.